Hunter Served in the United States Marine Corps. He spent several years in the infantry and was assigned to one of the Marine Corps anti-terrorism teams, deploying several times to South America and the Middle East. Hunter served as the subject matter expert for the following fields within his units: Close Quarter Battle, and Designated Marksmanship. Hunter also received training and trained alongside with Marine Corps special operations, Army Special Forces, and Coast Guard MSRT in marksmanship and close quarter battle. Hunter Attended Combat Marksmanship Coach Course and Long-Range precision course within the Marine Corps, graduating top of his class. Given his experience teaching Marines and partnered forces in the middle east, Hunter was able to teach a wide variety of students accommodating to the various skill levels of each student.

Hunter was a great asset in the creation of this company. During the early stages of Defensive Strategies and Firearms, LLC, Hunter provided valuable information, which molded this company to what it is now. Hunter was eager to return from deployment to become a Deputy Sheriff along both of his parents and be part of the training cadre here at the Defensive Strategies and Firearms, LLC.

On August 26, 2021, while serving as a member of the United States Marine Corps in support of Operation Freedom Sentinel; Hunter was killed at the Abbey Gate bombing in Kabul, Afghanistan. The Hunter Lopez Memorial Foundation was created by his parents because of his dedication to service his country and community. Hunter's Memorial Foundation has helped numerous young marine families attend their graduations by providing flights, hotel accommodations and ground transportation. Additionally, the foundation has been able to sponsor two service dogs for active service members. This page is dedicated to honor Hunter Lopez and hope everyone who visits our website can visit the Hunter Lopez Memorial Foundation, its store and/or able to donate to the Hunter Lopez Memorial Foundation.

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